We all understand the power of collaboration. The problem is that there are no simple, efficient, inexpensive ways to facilitate collaboration and patient data sharing on the market today. Until now ...

Simplicity Health Systems has developed an utterly new approach. Beyond the current definition of health information exchange, Simplicity has developed a ubiquitous platform that acts as a "health information clearinghouse" that it calls "The Connector"

The connector is a highly secure, HIPAA compliant health information service provider (HISP), certificate authority (CA) and registration authority (RA). The Connector platform fulfills the requirements of meaningful use phase 2 and allows any health information system to share data with any other health information system seamlessly. With The Connector you can:

  • Connect to affiliates and partners by downloading a connection to the network much like you would a print or scanner driver
  • Apply security and permissioning either globally or on a connection by connection basis
  • Share and receive patient information, ACO data, population health data and much more at the push of a button
  • Manage complex networks and communities of providers and systems with a simple, non-programming dashboard environment
  • Save Time, Money and your Sanity!

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