April 3, 2016

Original Article At thegreenitguy.com

Chad Zerangue is a maverick when it comes to simplifying bureaucracies. His company founded in 2009, specialized in Healthcare IT and has formulated his own data routing service. The mission of the company was to provide simple ways for providers and health organizations to migrate their legacy paper based medical charts information into a usable format within an electronic medical records system, without having to type all that discreet demographic, financial and clinical data into the system.

In 2012 they decided to productize these services, and now using cloud-based technologies such as Microsoft Azure and mobile messaging technologies such as REST, they have created a highly scalable, secure, HIPAA compliant communication network to deliver their core products, docflock, CIPHR and SystemSync. In layman’s terms, they have simplified the data extraction of medical health record information into a more potable and secure format. This drastically cuts costs, and makes room for data analytics of health care data, which has been trapped in silos. http://www.simplicityhealthsystems.com/

Keep it simple.

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