March 15, 2016

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Simplicity Health Systems has created what it calls "The Connector," a way for users to share information with other players in the healthcare ecosystem to optimize care.

As president and CEO Chad Zerangue explains it, "A lot of times, there are things that you need to know that you don't know that you need to know." He notes that the technology allows doctors, hospitals, and other players to remain in control of their data but enables them to "share it by the transaction for the betterment of the patient." In addition, information from nonconnected systems at facilities that aren't customers can also be incorporated.

The concept of a connected "clearinghouse," as illustrated by the company's logo and explained on its website, means that—for example—a lab, pain management clinic, neurology and spine doctors, an ambulatory surgical centers, a hospital, and radiology center might all have information to share with each other.

"You have this highly federated system where everybody owns their own data set, they get the data that they need based off of their perspective, yet they still share it by the drink," Zerangue said. lth Systems delivers workflow-driven technologies that enable health information exchange amongst all participants in the healthcare value chain. Founded in 2009 in response Federal Governments HITECH act, Simplicity's mission is to evolve healthcare to work like other modern industries by empowering participants with the rights and expectations of an information-driven world.

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