(May 25, 2013) Simplicity Health Systems, a Health IT software company headquartered in Southlake, Texas, today announced a bold initiative in the Electronic Medical Records space: a new, comprehensive product suite designed to simplify and streamline the process of sharing data between providers, laboratories, offices, and patients in a way that has never been done before. Called the Connector, the new technology aims to be a huge step forward in the way that disparate health information systems interact.

According to Simplicity Health Systems president Chad Zerangue, the Connector will fill many conspicuous gaps in existing methods. “When a patient is checked into a doctor's office, several concurrent processes are initiated. At check-in, a record is generated in one part of that facility's Health Information Management system (HIM). When the doctor sees that patient, another record is generated in a different HIM system. When tests are run, the lab generates its own records. If the patient is admitted to a hospital, a whole new process begins, and then, when the patient is referred to another provider and sent to a pharmacy, even more records are generated, in even more unconnected systems.” Zerangue explains. “Right now, in order for that first doctor to find out what happened at any of the other places where a patient receives care, direct contact has to be made, even if the records around the interaction are already electronic. It's an obscenely inefficient process because all these disparate systems have their own interface, their own language, or they don't communicate with each other at all.”

That, according to Mr. Zerangue, is just the niche the Connector hopes to fill. “With the Connector, every one of those systems will talk to common platform, which translates those different languages into one single speech. Then, when a record is updated, an alert is sent out to every other connected system in that network. That means labs, doctors, nurses, pharmacies, hospitals, and even the patient can all opt to receive an alert every time a new record is generated or updated.” Zerangue goes on to explain that every system connected to the Connector network will be able to customize how its records are updated. “Facilities and providers can choose which messages they want to always accept no matter what, the ones they'd rather accept manually, and which ones they would rather ignore. That means that if patient John Doe follows up with his primary doctor after he's been to the ER with a broken leg, his primary doctor will already have the appropriate information, and so will John Doe. The health information management market is screaming for a solution to this problem and now it has one. The Connector solves these data sharing problems in a simple, inexpensive and easy to implement way.”

“This is going to put you in charge of your own healthcare,” explains Zerangue, “but it does a lot more too. If a Medicare/Medicaid patient has had a diabetes test performed at one location, and that test is performed a second time within a certain timeframe, the second location will not be reimbursed for the test and might even be subjected to a potential audit from Medicare RAC firms. The Connector can make sure that a test's records are already there, for both doctor and patient.” Zerangue goes on to say that “If an unscrupulous patient tries to fill a prescription at several different pharmacies across town, the Connector can detect that and alert interested providers. If a son taking care of his ailing father wants to pull all the records and have a comprehensive picture of his father's care, the Connector does that as well.” Zerangue goes on, “These are all things that have virtually impossible until now. This is how we are going to change healthcare in this country.”

In the coming weeks Simplicity Health Systems will begin introducing a series of cloud-based services and apps designed to use the Connector platform in unique ways. Simplicity will also begin offering the platform to 3rd party application developers and EMR companies so that the communication platform may be used to deliver that company’s information to their customers in a faster and more seamless way.

Launching in the summer of 2013 is docflock (www.docflock.com), a provider tool which serves to link physicians, nurses, technicians, and other disparate parts of a community of care in a seamless, streamlined way. Planned for a fall 2013 launch, SystemSync will bring the Connector to larger networks of hospitals, providers networks and ACO’s, allowing for an unprecedented level of transparency, data collection and coordination of care among healthcare providers who are otherwise operating independently. Planned for a winter 2013 release, CIPHR (pronounced “cipher,” which stands for Clinically Integrated Personal Health Record) will be a patient facing mobile app and website which will bring medical records to a patient’s home PC or mobile device with live updates from all of their connected providers.


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