The current hot topic in health information is called “Big Data”. Simply put big data represents very very large data sets across a broad population of whatever it is that you want to measure. Highly complex computer algorithms written by very intelligent clinicians and scientists offer hope for curing disease, saving lives, wellness and prevention breakthroughs and generally making everyone's quality of life much higher.

The dirty secret about "big data" is big data acquisition. In healthcare, data is inherently held in hundreds of thousands of small databases which are individual islands of data. The market continues to try to consolidate these individual islands of data into large aggregated data sets. Collecting data from these various islands of data has been a particularly vexing problem for big data proponents. The various databases are highly distributed, not normalize, not very easily accessed, and generally unwieldy to manage. Additionally no single entity wants to the cost of collecting the data from these hundreds of thousands of locations.

Simplicity health systems has developed a process in a series of software products that solve this problem. Called the connector, simplicity health systems allows for data collection, and data mining in a highly heterogeneous, non-normalized environment. Applications for this sort of data collection are limitless but include population health, ACO, insurance, and many more.

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