CIPHR is a Clinically Integrated Personal Health Record delivered via a mobile app and the cloud. CIPHR allows a patient to collect their health records and documents without having to type in their data.

CIPHR integrates seamlessly with docflock and allows a patient to check in to any docflock member’s office without having to fill out forms at the check-in window. CIPHR also allows you to manage your health information, insurance information, demographic information and much more, all from a single application and single account that spans all of your doctors. CIPHR also allows you to subscribe to family members accounts for streamlined administration of the healthcare for anyone in your care.

Key Features of the service include:

  • Single account that spans of your doctors
  • Ability to share your records from all of your doctors with any one of them
  • Auto-Checking at the front window of any docflock user’s office
  • Eliminates the need to fill out most forms at a doctor’s office
  • Family member health record subscription
  • Current medications management
  • Immunizations management
  • Integrates with many common wellness applications
  • Consolidates your health records into a single, easy to manage view

Launching in Spring 2014, CIPHR will change the way individuals and providers communicate in a powerfully positive way.


Keep it simple.

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