Simplicity Health Systems was founded in 2009 in response Federal Governments HITECH act. The mission of the company was to provide simple ways for providers and health organizations to migrate their legacy paper based medical charts information into a usable format within an electronic medical records system, without having to type all that discreet demographic, financial and clinical data into the system. The process is called MCIS (Medical Chart Integration Services) and was the mainstay our business for the first three years of our existence.

As we grew, we continually encountered the same problem. Every time we conducted a new project we had to start from scratch in connecting to the electronic medical records system. Even in projects where we encountered an electronic medical records system for the second or third time, the level of effort to drive discreet data into the database of that system was the same. There was no economy of effort or leverage to be gained when conducting projects on the same systems over and over.

To solve this problem we began to develop a set of tools that we use internally to simplify and expedite the process of connecting to an electronic medical record system’s database. In 2012 we came to realize that this set of tools was a very valuable service that we could provide to the open market.

In 2012 we began productizing these tools so that they could be delivered easily to large populations of users via the cloud. We were particularly careful to adopt forward looking technologies that provide a strong platform from which to grow and evolve our technology-set as the market evolves. Using cloud-based technologies such as Microsoft Azure and mobile messaging technologies such as REST, we have created a highly scalable, secure, HIPAA compliant communication network to deliver our core products, docflock, CIPHR and SystemSync.

Thank you for your interest in Simplicity Health Systems and please contact us to learn more about our products and our vision.

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